Aegis Computers are a total Solutions ProviderI.T. Solutions


About Aegis Computers

Aegis Computers are a total Solutions Provider. We specialize in servicing corporate, SME's, Government and Education. By dedicating our resources to industry and the public sector as opposed to retail we haven't had to waste valuable resource on a huge but not always profitable client base, this has allowed us to build an enviable reputation for service and commitment to our corporate, SME and Government customer base.

Our human approach is a little different to your average 'Total Solutions Provider'. We found that by applying a simple ethos of superior customer service and support we were able to retain and add new business at a rate that a pure box shifter simply couldn't compete with. It's our aim to offer more than just value for money, we aim to offer the kind of service that keeps you coming back year after year. Each of our clients is assigned an account manager and a business manager.
Your account manager will handle all your day to day ordering and advice while your business manager will assist you on larger scale projects or issues that need immediate attention. Your account manager and business manager liaise each Monday to ensure both are up to speed on your business and what we can do to serve you best. Total Solutions Provider

Our Mission

Aegis Computers aim is to make your life simple. With many of the Aegis Computers staff having been on the other side of the coin we are fully aware of how important it is that your orders and installations cause you minimal effort and maximum results. We know you want product delivered and installed on time every time, and we strive to ensure that everything that can possible be done is done to achieve that.

Aegis Computers have authorized partnership agreements in place with Compaq, IBM, HP, Microsoft and Cisco among others. We provide top quality proven and tested brands to ensure your organization has the best equipment available.
Our mission is to provide you with a one stop solution to your I.T requirements. Products are competitively priced, service is excellent and our backup and support ensures you want to keep coming back to us. With your dedicated account and business manager and our ability to provide the entire spectrum of IT equipment we aim to take the hassle out of I.T for you.

What can we Do?

A lot, is the simple answer. The companies experience is diverse due to the pool of technical talent and expertise within it. Keeping Aegis Computers total solutions ethos in mind we can not only install voice and data cable your building, but also install your client server solution on top of it.

We can install your PC's and Servers, backup systems, we can even configure your users if you wish, install connectivity , firewall's and VPN's and setup your email and Intenet connectivity.

If the Internet's your concern our sister company Aegis Webdevelopment have extensive experience in creating web sites. Whether they be purely informational or provide strong back end database functionality we can create the perfect product for you.


All staff members at Aegis Computers are highly skilled professionals. Experience ranges from 3 to 17 years in the industry. Aegis Computers staff embrace a wide spectrum of knowledge which includes, Windows, XP, 2000, .NET, MS Exchange, Unix, Linux, Management Tools, ATM, Gigabit, Ethernet, leased Lines, Voice & Data Convergence, Remote access and much more. Some of the programming languages used in house predominantly for Internet applications include PHP, Perl, ASP, Coldfusion, JSP, SQL, XML, Javascript, java, VBSCript, HTML, DHMTL, Visual Basic, TCL, Flash, COM/DCOM and Active X.

For more information on what we can do for you please call on 01865 390000